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Share credentials
within your team,

Open source solution built for collaboration to share all your sensitive account passwords or any other credentials. No more scrounging over Slack or Google Sheets.
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Advanced security and privacy features

OpenPGP with ECC

In order to protect your secrets and facilitate the sharing functionality, osvauld uses the OpenPGP RFC 4880 standard with ECC Curve25519. OpenPGP is open source, has been audited and battle-tested for nearly 30 years, and has no known vulnerabilities.

End-to-end Encryption

With Zero-knowledge Architecture, all your credentials including meta data never leaves your browser unencrypted and only you and to whom you shared can decrypt it. No one, not even osvauld can access this data.

State-of-the-Art Protection

Powered by Sequoia-PGP and WebAssembly, Our implementation provides Additional isolation and type safety to cryptographic operations ensuring strong encryption and secure operations directly in your browser. Sequoia-PGP is used by package manager of major Linux distributions.

Lightning Batch Crypto

Optimized Rust implementation in WASM enables near-native speeds for batch operations, ensuring quick secure sharing. The efficient Rust code minimizes resource usage, enabling integration into resource-limited environments without sacrificing security or speed.

Seamless granular access distribution
enables you to share credentials with
designated groups or users.

Manage credentials access by assigning and revoking permissions as per your needs. Track the frequency and manner in which credentials are accessed with audit logs that offers insights into usage patterns.

Setup in 5 minutes

Host on <your-domain>.com

On-Premise Solution

Minimize the risk of external threats by limiting exposure to public networks and potential vulnerabilities associated with shared cloud environments, ensuring compliance with internal policies and regional regulations.

Easy Deployment

Pre-Built Deployment Scripts are designed to simplify the installation process, tailored to integrate seamlessly with your organization's existing and trusted infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

Proudly Open-Source

Osvauld is 100% Open-source, source code comes under under the AGPL-3.0 license and can be easily self-hosted.You are free to audit, contribute and redistribute it.Osvauld’s Vulnerability Disclosure Program enlists the help of the
hacker community to make Osvauld more secure.

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